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5 SEO tips for Attorney

by Hardy

So your law firm has a webpage, but it does not produce substantial Internet traffic or new leads. Reason? Ok, Google may not be showing your website very prominent on the results of your search. Since the average Consumer doesn’t click through the first page of google search results, many prospective clients may not even see your website! Now you question yourself, how do I deal with this problem?

Many people would advise you to advertise on Google using pay-per-click, meaning that you are at least listed as advertising when anyone looks for a lawyer in your city. However, it’s really just throwing resources at the problem, which is not suitable for smaller law firms. So, what is it?

However, it’s just throwing resources at the problem, which is not suitable for smaller legal firms. So, what else should you do to solve this problem?

The solution is in SEO. SEO will drastically boost how big the search results in your page can display simply by making your site more accessible to the “bots” that crawl on the internet and rank your website. The more these bots recognize your website and what search words to connect to your site, the better your PageRank and location will be in the related search results.

Five Essential SEO tips for Attorneys

  • Create a list of the related search keywords that you want to target.

Begin with a list of Twenty search words. Consider the services you provide, the place you’re in, and certainly don’t assume that you’re an attorney or a law firm.

  • Broaden down the search words.

Using Google Analytics to find the most commonly used words in your search and concentrate on the top two or three. A targeted keyword is likely to be longer and more descriptive.

  • Make sure that these terms are included in your web pages.

Using them in the title and often in the information. If you have photos posted to your blog, make sure that the image’s name and explanation are also important.

  • Have a “healthy” backlink.

The more your website is connected to “healthy” websites, the higher your website ranks. These backlinks contain ratings, so make sure to remind happy clients to leave a summary of their favorite review provider. Yelp is the most obvious place of review, but there are other pages, some of which are just for attorneys. Do any analysis to see where you and your rivals are the most under scrutiny.

  • Don’t make a pessimistic SEO.

You might have heard of the saying; negative PR is always a healthy PR! Well, it’s not like that. Google will downgrade your scores and maybe even temporarily ban you from their results for serious offenses. Examples of negative SEO are duplicates.

Examples of negative SEOs include duplicate material on other blogs, duplicate websites on your own domain, and backlinks from “evil” sites. Don’t bother writing your keywords fifty times on your post. Then Google will find that you’re trying to play the system and will penalize you for that.


How easy is it to contact the attorney by phone or e-mail? Many companies have a network of employees and assistants that screen the phone calls before speaking to an attorney. You can wait for your phone calls and emails to be answered or returned on time. Your solicitor can make you feel relaxed, too, so that you can share your story with him. An attorney who is always busy talking to you in his cell can not advise you properly.

In-person comfort is a must for both the counsel and the customer. All sides must be secure with each other and be able to communicate successfully with each other.

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