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6 Tips to Choose the Right Estate Planning Attorney

by Hardy

If you are planning to purchase an estate or you already have one, you might need an estate planning attorney. Choosing the right attorney for estate planning can be a tough job. You should not rely on advertisements only. Here are some tips you can follow in choosing an efficient lawyer for estate planning. 

Avoid geography wise searching

You should not restrict yourself from looking for an estate planning lawyer in your local area. Instead, you can search for a person who works nationally. As the work of an estate lawyer is less complicated than most other legal proceedings, you can hire one who has got outstanding experience in this field. 

Be careful with the directories on the internet

There are a lot of directories on the internet that promise you to connect to an experienced lawyer.  However, in most cases, they link you to attorneys who charge hefty fees. In some cases, you might come across directories, which are yellow page advertisements.

To avoid this problem, you should always choose a lawyer from a site that is verified by a third party. 

Check the referrals

To get the link of an excellent estate planning attorney, you should check the referrals. You will get the proper referrals from other lawyers and financial advisors. All you can do is state your budget to the advisors. 

Do not get attracted to the hypes and slogans

When looking for estate planning lawyers, you should not concentrate on the hypes and slogans. There are many eye-catching slogans that you can find on the website. Check if there are any customer review sections on the website and go through them thoroughly. It can help you to understand the quality of service he provides.

Enquire of the law school

When you meet an attorney for the first time, always ask him for the law school he attended. All the reputed law schools have outstanding students who stand apart while practicing professionally. 

No lawyers would hesitate to say about the law school he attained. It is expected that you will receive good service from the ones whose background is fine.

Check if the lawyer has a malpractice insurance

The lawyers in the country always keep malpractice insurance. This is a significant determinant for the person to be genuine. You can always choose a lawyer who has this insurance as you can claim coverage from your side when malpractice occurs. 

Final Words

When seeking the right estate planning attorney, you should always consider having a sitting with him. This can give you an idea regarding the presentation style and the efficiency of the lawyer. Another major factor to consider is lawyers’ availability. As the estate planning lawyer deals with trusts and wills, he must be available when you need him. Make sure you observe whether he is reciprocating whatever you say. Consider any lawyer to show more importance to your case if you reach out to him on a referral of someone very known.


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