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Becoming A Lawyer In The UAE? Here Is What You Need To Know

If you want a challenging career with a competitive salary, then a career in law in the UAE is the ideal choice for you. Law firms in Dubai or UAE can earn from AED 195,000 to AED 325,000 a year on average, with a 9-year-old earning around AED 895,000. Relocation packages, bonuses, and tax-free salaries are also great benefits. The growing optimism in the legal market has created more opportunities for lawyers in the UAE. Moreover, UAE firms require first-class academic qualifications and experience from prestigious law firms.

Qualifications to become a lawyer in Abu Dhabi:

In Abu Dhabi, if you’re interested in becoming a lawyer, you can get a Bachelor’s degree in law from a reputable university. A law degree gives you a solid foundation in public and private law, as well as a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts. In addition to law, you’ll learn how to apply the law and its provisions accurately. You’ll also study how to interpret legislative rules and jurisprudence, and how to use the law to create legal documents. The Bachelor’s degree program will also prepare you for the Master of law degree, which leads to a Doctorate in law.

Accommodation and education allowances in private practice:

Many lawyers in Abu Dhabi enjoy generous accommodation and educational allowances. The UAE is home to more than 80 percent expatriates, so the companies are well-versed in the process of obtaining residency visas for their employees. Typically, clients will pay for their lawyer’s accommodation for a period of two to four weeks, as well as cover the cost of shipping and flights. However, these allowances are extremely rare in private practice, particularly in the UAE and KSA. Some in-house companies also provide basic salaries and allowances for housing and education.

Access to justice:

Regardless of the profession, many people choose to pursue a career in law in the UAE because of its accessibility to justice. Providing access to justice is a basic right that all citizens deserve, and lawyers can provide it to clients daily. But it also requires more than courtroom capacity. People often need help with filing government forms or contesting adverse actions by business corporations, or they need effective assistance in negotiating with powerful decision-makers.