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Can a parent avoid the requirement for Child Support?

by Hardy

Child support systems are very binding, and it is not easy to get past them. They are designed in such a way that the child is protected by the law in every case. The parent must nourish their child and take care of him/her even in the hardest times. The amount of child support is determined by the taxable income the parent has to pay each year. One must hire a robust child support lawyer to help you in the negotiations and reach an agreement that benefits all.

Are there any ways to avoid the requirement of child support legally?

Every country has ways that ensure the child support amount that a person has to pay is fair. There are many legal ways a person can use to avoid the requirement of child support. One must consult their child support lawyer and get their expert advice on how to move forward with their request-

  • Spend more time with your children

The child support system keeps an eye on the number of days a child spends with their parents. If you can’t pay the child support money, then you need to spend time with them.The more days you spend with your child, the less alimony you have to pay. In some cases, spending more and more time will free you from paying any amount of money. Your child support lawyer will help you to come to a fair deal in which your children get to spend time with you, and you will only have to pay little or no money.

  • Binding child support agreement

You should hire an experienced child support lawyer so you can formulate a legal agreement that can be binding and under legal status. Your lawyer can come up with the extra work incentive plan that enables either parent to only pay the amount equivalent to the extra income they make. In such a case, it is convenient for both the parents without being heavy on any one of them.

  • Hire a tax accountant

The amount of money you pay for child support depends on your income and the amount of money you pay as taxes. Child support is nothing but a form of tax that one of the parents has to pay. If you hire a good tax accountant, they can help you to get a reduction on your child support by efficiently analyzing your income and taxes. They can help your child support lawyer in formulating a strong case for you.

  • Settlement

If both the parents calmly and peacefully resolve their issues and come to a settlement regarding their child under the supervision of a court-appointed child support lawyer, then the requirement to pay child support can be avoided. So, it is often recommended to both parties to come to a fair decision and make it easier for both of them.


To conclude, a parent can avoid the requirement of paying child support, but it is morally and legally better to support your child no matter what. The best way to avoid child support that can even work in favor of your child is by coming to a settlement and resolving the issue peacefully.  

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