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Can My Partner Claim Everything In A Divorce?

by Hardy

Divorce is a sensitive legal process. There are many complicated legal matters in the divorce process. Both you and your wife have to face legal complications. In a divorce, the division of property and belongings is a vital issue to deal with. You and your wife must know all the legal guidelines for the division of properties. Otherwise, either you or your wife can take more shares than your or her right. Also, you can take suggestions from a divorce attorney.

How Are Debts And Properties Divided?

There are some particular rules for dividing the debts and properties during a divorce. Generally, the court divides the marital properties between the husband and wife. Both of them get one-half of the entire property. Spouses own marital properties. It includes the property, which one of them earned before or after the marriage. It can be all property types such as house, car, bank accounts, land, belongings, etc.

Rights Of A Woman In Divorce

The wife has some specific rights in a divorce. If she claims more than that, it is illegal. After the division of the marital properties, the husband has to pay for the maintenance. It means an amount of money, which the husband pays to his wife for the divorce. The sole purpose of maintenance is to give financial support to the divorced wife. 

There is another type of maintenance, which is valid for a short period called interim maintenance. The husband has to pay the interim maintenance for the wife during the divorce proceedings to fulfill the basic needs. Besides the maintenance, the wife has the right of residence until the divorce is done. A working woman cannot claim maintenance before the separation. These are the financial and property rights of a woman in & divorce.

Ways To Protect Everything From Losing In A Divorce

A man should be careful about the property division in a divorce. As divorce includes emotional affairs also, the husband should not take any legal decision in a hurry. Otherwise, it may cause losing everything. He can hire a divorce attorney to complete the process smoothly and take suggestions from him. There are some steps to protect your properties and finance.

  1. Identify Your All Assets: Before the divorce’s division process begins, you should identify all of your assets. You should clarify the owner’s name of all the properties. After that, you have to get ready with copies of all financial statements.
  2. Secure Liquid Assets: You can protect your finance by securing Liquid assets. You can transfer money from the joint account to your account. Also, you should know the laws of your state.
  3. Appoint A Team Of Attorney: A divorce attorney can guide you in a good enough way to protect your properties from losing everything in a divorce. You should make a strong team of divorce attorneys for the court case.


As the property and finance division is a sensitive matter in divorce, you should be extra careful. You must know all the legal guidelines. The best way to protect from losing everything is to hire a divorce attorney and follow the things mentioned above. 

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