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DUI Attorney – All You Need To Know

by Hardy

A DUI lawyer is very similar to a criminal defense attorney. A DUI lawyer focuses on both DWI and DUI cases and possesses specialization in both. This type of conviction will take a long time to resolve in court. The majority of these cases have multiple hearings, the first of which occur at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The last was held at the State Court or County Court.

Role of DUI Attorney:

A DUI attorney Tempe’s main job is to clarify his client’s charges, formulate a strategy, and represent his client at hearings or court appearances. The lawyer is also in charge of all of the case’s administrative particulars.DUI, or also driving while drunk, are both considered criminal offences.

A client has the option of pleading guilty to all of the charges he or she is facing. A competent DUI lawyer would try to have almost all of the charges dropped or at the very least reduced. During the pre-trial phase of the case, the lawyer’s job is to reach an agreement with the judge. The DUI lawyer should advise his client to enter a plea bargain or a sentence reduction agreement.

If his client gets arrest, the lawyer may file a motion to overturn his client’s statements. He would attempt to claim that police coerced the defendant into making a statement during his arrest by the police. Another option for the lawyer is to set up an evidentiary hearing to unearth any evidence that the prosecution may be hiding that might assist his client’s case.

During the trial, the attorney may help in jury selection. On behalf of his client, he would assemble experienced investigators and witnesses. He should also try to point out any inconsistencies in the police processes or the charges brought against his client.

To assist in negotiating with the prosecution and telling his or her clients about their choices and rights, a DUI lawyer should have strong communication skills. He should also be well-organized in dealing with evidentiary details and sort through and think critically to find the best possible solution on his client’s behalf.

The responsibilities of a DUI attorney:

For his client to receive a favourable judgment, a DUI attorney must be competent. A DUI attorney should have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • He can also assist his clients in understanding the law and exploring other legal options.
  • It is also their responsibility to keep track of all deadlines and paperwork required during the trial.
  • It is the lawyer’s responsibility to seek out evidence that will aid his client during the trial.
  • The lawyer is in charge of preparing and drafting the legal papers used in the courtroom. It also contains his client’s legal briefs and appeals.

What are the qualities that a DUI lawyer should have?

The following are the additional skills they must possess to assist their client effectively.

  • To formulate case strategies, a lawyer should work with a team of lawyers or by themselves.
  • Not only should a lawyer be good at communicating, but he or she should also be good at writing documents. A good lawyer must also be able to conduct research.
  • Finally, they must possess the decision-making and problem-solving abilities required of an attorney.


Any defendant facing a DUI charge should consult with an attorney who can assist them in their case. If a DUI lawyer works with an experienced lawyer, the charges may be reduced or dropped.

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