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Law Firm SEO Strategies

by Nimit Soni

Search engine optimization is a service that enhances the visibility and accessibility of a website as a result of organic search. We can say a website is ranked based on its traffic breakdown; the more visitors, the more traffic, and the website’s popularity. As a result of popularity, high ranked websites appear more often when we search for specific keywords.

Many SEO techniques can be implemented to grow your law firm’s web visibility. However, not all of these techniques are worth executing. Here is the outline of how to go about getting started with a law firm SEO campaign.

A Place To Drive Visitors

The first thing that you need is a place to drive search engine users. For that, you need a law firm website or a landing page. An optimized website helps you place your firm’s presence on the web. Blogging is the best part of driving traffic to the website. It’s a very cost-effective way to generate organic traffic. However it takes time to craft a compelling and engaging blog, but its the best way to engage your audience.


Internet users use words or queries to find what they are looking for online. These words are commonly referred to as a keyword.

There are three principal factors for keyword discovery: relevance, search volume, and competition. You can use keyword research tools to find keywords relevant to your industry. Once you have selected a list of between 20 and 50 keywords, start to use these keywords in your content.

On-Page Optimization

The next step is on-page optimization. This is just another way of saying, use your best keywords on your website or blog. Here are the most important places to include your target keywords:

  • Title tags
  • Heading tags
  • Internal link anchor text
  • Bolded text
  • Regular text
  • Image alt attributes

Don’t use more than three keywords per page. Just be mindful of using your target keywords where appropriate.

Off-Page Optimization

This is what helps you get traffic to your website. SEO works magic if done correctly. It’s necessary to understand how search engines classify the web. Search engines create a “copy” of the entire Internet content in their index. They identify what they think each web page is all about and then arrange them based on an algorithm for a particular search phrase. Search engines use many signals to perform this ordering. One of the most vital signs is the number of inbound links that a specific web page has. If a website has high-quality Inbound links, the search engine will put that website on the top. In other words, inbound links are like votes for a particular website.

Off-page optimization includes all of the ways webmasters can influence the number of inbound links that a website has pointed to. This is the real elixir of law firm SEO.


Having a quality content strategy is another essential component of a successful law firm SEO campaign. Content is like a king for search engines. If your law firm website doesn’t have quality and unique content, you will be unlikely to succeed in search engines. It’s necessary to update your website consistently as it shows to crawlers that your website is up to date and authentic. As we all know, writing legal content requires in-depth knowledge of the industry and the latest trend, so always hire a blogger who is dedicated explicitly to the law industry as they possess in-depth knowledge. Remember to use your targeted keywords in your website content and blogs as it helps you draw targeted traffic.

So, law firm SEO services are used to build an offline presence, social network, Reputation management, localization, and other brand marketing campaigns. If you want to know more about law firm SEO, contact Just Legal Marketing. They carry years of experience in building an online reputation and achieving remarkable SEO results.

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