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The qualifications required to be a personal injury lawyer

by Hardy

The world of law is a vast field with many promising areas to become a lawyer, and being a personal injury lawyer is one of them. It is one of the most profitable careers as a lawyer to practice and become. 

A personal injury lawyer having experience in dealing and representing cases of physical and mental injuries that are caused either knowingly or unknowingly. These lawyers present the case in the court and help in fighting on behalf of the victim to recover his losses from the damage or injury that took place. 

The primary and most common types of cases that a personal injury has to fight in are as follow:

  • Slip and fall injury case
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractices
  • Defective products
  • Automobile accidents
  • Workplace deaths

A personal injury lawyer must fight, ensure and obtain the rights of a person who has suffered the mishap caused by another negligent person and compensate for the losses that have happened. 

How to become a personal injury attorney?

It might be a profitable career as a lawyer, but it is highly competitive and challenging to pursue, demanding vast knowledge and a degree. A personal injury lawyer is a rewarding career, needless to say but to become one, and these are the steps that one needs to follow early on in life.

  • The first and foremost important step in becoming a personal injury lawyer is to have a Bachelor’s degree from a certified university. A person must complete their undergraduate studies to sit for the exam at law schools. 

People having a degree in any field of a subject could apply for law exams. Most commonly, students with a degree in Political science, English, Business, Economics, and History pursue post-graduation in doing law. To enter a law school, one must have an excellent GPA because not everyone gets the opportunity to be in renowned law schools.

  • Law School Admission Test or commonly known as the LSAT Score is another essential factor in becoming a lawyer. It is necessary to score a good percentage in law school examinations that help in getting scholarships to a good enough law school in your country.  
  • Finishing law school takes around three years. By completing law school, one is almost on the verge of becoming a lawyer. For becoming a personal injury attorney, one needs to study subjects like tort law, evidence, and trial advocacy. It is preferable to have experience by interning at a law firm that specializes in handling personal injury cases. 
  • Passing the Bar Exam which is the utmost requirement before practicing as a professional personal injury lawyer. 
  • Practicing as a personal injury lawyer at particular firms and gaining experiences that determine the aspect of the future of one’s career as a personal injury lawyer. 


After attaining the steps mentioned above, one can open their firm or work under other firms, and later on, can get themselves registered in the directory of a personal injury lawyer. 

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