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Top 5 things You should Always Share with Your Divorce Attorney

by Hardy

Any court case proceeding requires a lot of research, time, effort, and energy. The same is applicable for divorce cases – it is a much more complicated procedure than we can imagine. While some prefer fighting their case on their own, it is recommended that one takes the help of a divorce attorney. But why is that necessary?

A divorce attorney can help you negotiate the terms of your divorce, work the case in your favour, and even get a quick, hassle-free divorce. But to work efficiently, they need to know certain aspects, which are discussed below. 

5 Things You Should Always Share with Your Divorce Attorney

  • Financial Condition- One of the initial discussions to be made with your lawyer is your financial condition. This will determine many factors like custody, alimony, child support, court fees, lawyers fees, etc. Knowing your financial condition will help your lawyer negotiate the divorce terms more diligently in your favour. 
  • Property- One topic that leads to several disagreements during a divorce procedure is assets and properties. Make sure your divorce attorney knows all about your assets and properties- the ones you are willing to let go of and the ones you are not, to negotiate their ownership during the court proceedings properly. 
  • Child Custody- Child custody is one of the most sensitive subjects to discuss with your divorce attorney. They should know beforehand whether you are willing to take and can handle primary custody. Primary custodians have more responsibilities which you should think about and discuss with your lawyer. 
  • Child Support- Your lawyer should be well aware of how much child support you are willing to give after the divorce. While both parents tend to get custody, one bears primary custody while the other will provide financial aid. If you bear custody, you should be frank with how much financial aid you expect from the other party. On the other hand, if you are giving financial support, you should be clear on the subject of how much you can afford. 
  • Insurance- Married couples often get life insurance policies together, making each other their nominees. You should be forthcoming to your divorce attorney regarding any such insurance policies being made. This will allow them to negotiate or transfer titles of any such existing insurance policies.
  • Alimony – You should always discuss the details of your alimony with your lawyer. Your divorce attorney should know how much money you make, how much you’re willing to, and will be able to provide to your ex for any support. This will help him negotiate the terms of alimony in court without any trouble. However, if both parties make the same amount of money, no question of alimony will be raised. 


Divorce procedures can lead to several questions from both your and your attorney’s side. Thus there must be open and honest communication from both ends. This will allow you both to trust one another and work more efficiently, resulting in a quick divorce. 

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